Saturday, November 26, 2005

Weather Monitoring Centre opened in Kilinochchi

Tamil Eelam Weather Monitoring Centre has been unveiled in the Knowledge Centre in Kilinochchi.

The Centre was declared open by the Political Head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Mr.S.P.Tamilselvan to mark the 51st birthday of the Tamil National Leader, Hons.V.Pirapakaran.

It is hoped that the weather centre will help the Tamil people better prepare to face natural disasters such as Tsunami and flooding.

The impact of the Boxing Day Tsunami could have been greatly reduced if the government of Sri Lanka had acted promptly to warnings relayed by international weather monitoring agencies.

TECH awards solar panels to families

The Economic Consultancy House (TECH), a Killinochchi based registered NGO has awarded families from Kanakarayan Kulam of Vavuniya district with solar panels.

The panels of value 30,000 rupees each were awarded to selected families in need. The programme was sponsored by TECH USA, a registered NGO in the USA.

TECH awards solar panels to organisations and homes as part of its Alternative Energy Promotion Programme and to counter the lack of electricity in the North-East.

Development of North-East has been virtually ignored by successive Sri Lankan governments. Majority of the people in the region remain to date with no access to electricity.

External Link: TECH WEBSITE

Karuna Group murders another civilian in Batticaloa

Armed men believed to be of the notorious Karuna group have shot dead Selvam Suhantha, 24, in the Karavankeni area of Batticaloa.

Karuna Group works closely with the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and operates from SLA camps in the Batticaloa district.

In recent days the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission has shed its impartiality cover and continued to turn a blind eye to killings of innocent civilians.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Birthday Wishes to Tamil National Leader

LankaUpdate joins Tamils all over the world in celebrating the 51st birthday of the Tamil National Leader Hons.V.Pirapakaran.

Celebrations continued across the Tamil homeland and rest of the world throughout Saturday.

Special prayers were said at Temples and churches across the world.

Sweets and cakes were shared across Tamil communities world wide.

Velupillai Pirapakaran who inculcated the spirit of Tamil Eelam into the minds of his people, has gradually emerged as the undisputed national leader of Tamil Eelam. Instilling the spirit of nationalism in the hearts of Tamils across the world, he has come to be honored as the Tamil National Leader.

234 Martyrs during Cease Fire

In a statement released yesterday the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have said that they have lost 234 carders and several hundred innocent Tamil lives during the three year cease fire period.

The statement further said that so far in 2005 alone 38 carders had lost their lives. Many due to acts of cease fire violation by the Sri Lankan armed forces or their auxiliary paramilitary groups.

Continued killing of LTTE carders and innocent Tamil civilians has put great pressure on the Cease Fire Agreement.

Karuna Group murders lorry owner

Mr. Vinasithamby Kandasamy, 46, a lorry owner from Batticaloa was shot dead on Friday night by men alleged to be members of the notorious Karuna Group.

The Karuna Group works closely with the Sri Lankan Army Intelligence and operates from army camps in the Batticaloa district.

South will decide the fate of Tamils – Sri Lankan Government

The government said yesterday that it will only restart peace talks with the Tamil Tigers after obtaining consensus from the Sinhala South.

Newly appointed media minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa told yesterday`s cabinet press briefing, that the government needed time to obtain the views from the Sinhala South before it can decide on the fate of the Tamil speaking North-East.

The Government Peace Secretariat, he said, would be headed by John Gunaratne following the resignation of Jayantha Dhanapala.

Asked whether Norway would continue as the facilitator between the government and LTTE, Yapa said that all matters pertaining to the peace process were under discussion and it would be premature to make any specific comments.

Meanwhile Mr Rajapaksa reiterated his election pledge of resolving the North-East issue within a unitary state, which the majority of the southern electorate has voted for at the presidential election.

This stance of the President may put an end to the three year long peace process which was founded on the basis of a federal solution. The international community has overwhelmingly voiced itself in favour of the federal solution.

Sri Lankan Army atrocities continue

Sri Lankan Army (SLA) atrocities in the Jaffna peninsula continued unabated as another youth is shot dead.

Naranthiran Nirojithan, 22, was involved in decorating his local streets in preparation for National Heroes’ day on November 27.

Civilian sources claim that SLA intelligence operatives entered his home and shot him to death.

A complaint is soon to be filed with the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

JVP demands breakup of Tamil Homeland

The JVP (Marxist Sinhala extremists) a senior partner in the ruling extremist coalition demanded that the Tamil homeland of North-East be broken in to pieces.

The JVP’s plans were reveled by its leader Somawansa Amarasinghe at a news conference in Colombo. JVP opposes the current peace process, CFA and Norway’s role as facilitator. Further the party is well known for its raciest policies including the denial of a Tamil homeland and other fundamental rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The JVP holds 39 seats in the Parliament as well has having a huge influence on the decisions made by the current President and Prime Minister both of whom are known to be strong JVP allies.

Analysts fear that any such break up may have major implications on the already exhausted peace process.

Sri Lankan Army soldiers seriously injure a youth in Jaffna

A youth was seriously injured when Sri Lankan Arm soldiers opened indiscriminate fire at a crowd in Point Pedro.

The incident occurred at 7.45 p.m. on Thursday night. Point Pedro has been a major flash point between civilians and the occupying forces in recent days.

The injured youth Thangavelautham Thavendran, 20, from Alvai Karaveddy is fighting for his life at the Point Pedro General Hospital.

Jaffna University unveils Heroes’ Memorial

Professor. C. Mohanadas, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna unveiled a Heroes’ Memorial at the main Jaffna Campus.

"Continued growth and development of Jaffna University is closely tied to the Tamil national struggle. Involvement of student community in our long struggle for freedom has significantly contributed to the strength and success achieved towards our goal. I wholeheartedly endorse the activities of the student group in raising Tamil consciousness among the public and creating awareness of the critical need for community's activism in demanding our rights to self-determination." said the Vice Chancellor in his opening speech.

He also made reference to the desecration of the memorials of more than 900 war heroes in the hallowed grounds of Kopay Martyrs Cemetary in 1996 by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA).

The SLA had imposed a ban on civilians visiting any of the Martyrs cemeteries in Jaffna after the invasion of the peninsula in 1995.

Sri Lankan Army, Police and EPDP attempt to disrupt Heroes’ Day

While Eela Tamils the word over prepare to celebrate National Heroes’ Day on November 27, the Sri Lankan Army (SLA), Police and EPDP (armed gang of Tamil youth working at the pay of SLA) are planning to disrupt the celebrations in Jaffna district which is home to more than 6000 Martyrs.

One such attempt was made on Wednesday night in Manipay. Civilian sources report that EPDP hooligans, along with the SLA and Police were involved in bringing down decorations put up to celebrate Heroes’ day.

Sources also reported that a crowd that gathered in Manipay managed to chase away the EPDP thugs and re-decorate the area to its former state.

Many such acts are expected across the occupied territories of North-East as it gets nearer to November 27.

Sri Lankan Army retains road blocks as people continue to suffer from flooding

The people of Omanthai Town in Vavuniya district have complained of immense hardships as a result of persistent Sri Lankan Army (SLA) road blocks and check points.

They have expressed their disappointment because the SLA has not eased its rigorous routine checks in consideration of the flood disaster that has struck the region.

Further residents of the Town said; although the SLA is fully aware of whom local residents are it persists on checking them for several hours while they are about their daily routines.

The complaints intensified as the SLA stopped a group of civilians returning from a function in Vavuniya Town on Wednesday. They were refused them access to their homes and were forced to spend the day with their relatives.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back to 1956? Colonisation in Pottuvil

Tamil speaking Muslims of Senkaamam, a village close to Pottuvil town have lodged complaints of a colonisation programme taking place in their village.

It has emerged that a planned settlement of Sinhala majority is underway in the village.

Colonisation programmes were instrumental in kick starting the ethnic conflict in 1956.

JVP favourite appointed as Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka

The JVP friendly Mangala Samaraweera has been appointed new Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka.

It is believed to be a reward for Samaraweera’s success in articulating Mr. Rajapaksa’s recent presidential victory.

Samaraweera a hot favourite of the JVP (Marxist Sinhala extremists) was a key figure in the formation of the SLFP-JVP-JHU alliance and played a central role in appealing to the Sinhala Buddhist majority as Rajapaksa’s election coordinator.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sri Lankan Ministers to get paid to do nothing

Sri Lanka’s extremist President Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to create non-Cabinet State Minister portfolios in the new government.

The new Cabinet is to consist of just 25 members, considerably smaller than the previous government.

Reliable sources inform this website that the President is planning to create state ministerial portfolios for the rest of the senior MPs, who worked as Ministers in the last Cabinet.

The State Ministers will be provided with benefits equal to the Cabinet Ministers but they will not be empowered with policymaking powers.

All in all, these so called State Ministers will get paid to do nothing. Sri Lankan tax payers have no choice but to watch in dismay.

Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation appeals for international help

The Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), the largest Non-Governmental Organisation working with war and Tsunami affected people has called for international help in dealing with the latest flood disaster that has struck the region.

In an urgent appeal the TRO said it requires basic items such as Tarpaulin sheets, plastic sheets, dry food items, purified water, makeshift toilets, medical and hygiene items and equipments for children and women welfare.

A statement by the TRO said that thousands of people were affected and displaced by flood waters during the last three days in the North-East.

Over three thousand tsunami and war affected people living in transitional shelters and temporary huts have also been displaced.

The people displaced from Mullaitivu town, Karaichi kudiyiruppu, Puthukudiyiruppu in Mullaitivu district, Vadamaratchi East in Jaffna district and Kandavalai, Murukandy and Kilinochchi town in Kilinochchi district have been located in makeshift camps created in public places such as schools. Hundreds of families have been affected by torrential rains in Batticaloa and Trincomalee districts as well.

As all the water tanks in Vanni have reached spilling level more flooding to dangerous proportions is expected within two or three days.

Disaster Management Unit of TRO has immediately commenced humanitarian tasks including;
1. Evacuation of affected people to the safer areas.
2. Providing cooked food to the displaced.
3. Provision of transport and water sanitation facilities.
4. Mitigating the dangers by diverting the flood waters to other places from human settlements.

TRO’s Emergency Rescue Team, volunteers from local organizations and LTTE cadres are said to be involved in rescue operations

TRO has appealed to international humanitarian organizations to work together in an efficient and co-coordinated manner.

War and Tsunami victims suffer again

Almost a year after the Tsunami waves devastated the coasts of North-East the Tamil speaking victims of the disaster are being displaced from the temporary shelters constructed by the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) and other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO).

An agreement on the Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure (PTOMS) was signed between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), to ensure equitable distribution of foreign aid across the six districts of the North-East.

While receiving international support, the PTOMS fell short of any approval from the JVP, the marxist extreme Sinhala nationalist party which runs the show in Sri Lankan politics. Due the JVP’s unwillingness to share aid with the Tamil people 152 days after being signed by both parties the agreement is almost dead and buried.

Once again the real victims of southern political dramas’ are the Tamil speaking people of the North-East.

As predicted the Monsoon rains have caused flooding across the six districts and the temporary shelters have been submerged in the flood waters.

With little help from the GoSL, the lives and livelihoods of these people rest in the hands of a handful of NGOs such as the TRO.

Sri Lankan Navy arrests coconut sellers in Neduntheevu

In another act of intimidation the Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) which occupies the island of Neduntheeve (Delft) off the Jaffna peninsula, has arrested three youth selling coconut in the area.

Neduntheevu saw tensions reach boiling point over the weekend, when the SLN opened fire and arrested seven civilians for preparing to celebrate National Heroes’ day on 27 November.

Parents of the arrested youth have lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in Jaffna.

Sri Lankan government to maintain Emergency Law

The new Sri Lankan government has announced that it is to continue with the Emergency Law imposed by the previous government.

It is well known the emergency provisions are largely used against Tamil youths. In the past the exercise of these laws has led to several cases of innocent Tamil youth being humiliated and tortured. It is feared that the continuation of this law may lead to the same in the feature and further polarize an already divided country.

"Persons at lower level in the security services, who take the law into their own hands, would be at liberty in view of the Emergency to behave arbitrarily, capriciously and they cannot be called into question. As every one knows in this country, it is the Tamil people who will be the sufferers, in particular the tamil people more so in the North and the East but also in all other parts of the country," said Mr. Sampanthan Leader of the TNA.

"Tamil people have been insulted and humiliated in Sri Lanka, which in the fifty years since independence has been ruled more under the emergency than under normal laws and it must be accepted by any fair-minded person. The victims of the emergency have been the Tamil people and no other community has suffered as much as we, the Tamil people have suffered. In fact I would say that the inconvenience or the suffering caused for instance to the majority Sinhala people is minimal and negligible compared to the suffering, the humiliation, the assault on dignity and self-respect that is continuously and perpetually committed against tamil people. We would therefore urge that the emergency must be ended," Sampanthan concluded.

LTTE Political Head Mr.S.P. Tamilchelvan comments on the election boycott

“There are forty thousand Sri Lankan troops in Jaffna alone exercising a clear intimidatory presence,” Mr. Thamilchelvan said. “Nevertheless, there was a record low in polling in Jaffna.”
“Those who allege that the Tamil people were intimidated not only fail to understand the ground reality prevailing in the Tamil homeland in both political and historical context, but also fail to interpret the message the people have given,” he said.
"The reality today is that the tsunami and war displaced people are enduring flood damage in temporary shelters despite four years of peace" Mr. Thamilchelvan, who was monitoring relief work amongst floods in the Vanni, told TamilNet.
"Our stand, as representatives of the Tamil people, on Colombo’s elections, was a reflection of what the vast majority of Tamil people felt,” he said.
“Our conclusion [on the elections] was thus a reflection of the prevailing views of the Tamils. We, as the representatives of the Tamil people have simply adhered to the principle of reflecting that view," he further said.
Mr. Thamilchelvan further pointed out that the LTTE had not ordered Tamils to boycott the elections, but had refused to mobilise for or against any of the Sinhala candidates contesting.
"All access was provided to election monitors if they so wished. Roads were open," the LTTE's Political Head said.
He added that election monitors were still welcome to take up the complaints against the LTTE "issue by issue” and “to examine the circumstances concerned in-depth."

Sri Lanka a divided nation

Robert C Oberst, Professor of Political Science at Nebraska Wesleyan University says Sri Lanka remains a divided nation, divided, not only between the Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims, but also divided among the Sinhalese.

He adds that renegade LTTE commander, Mr. Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan (Karuna), is the biggest loser in the elections.

Further he went on to say that if Mahinda pursues the extremist position supported by the JVP, he will risk alienating Muslim support in his parliamentary majority. This would open the door for new elections, which according to the presidential results, would very likely result in an opposition victory.

The sad reality of the November 17 election is that Sri Lanka, a nation so desperately in need of strong, decisive leadership now must wait a few more weeks to see if Mr Rajapakse will make a decisive and courageous move to end the war or continue on his electoral strategy to appease extremist Sinhalese who will accept no reasonable solution to the ethnic problem.

The above is a summery of an article published on TamilNet.
Full article can be read at

Monday, November 21, 2005

Colombo Stock Exchange crashes for second day running

The Colombo Stock Exchange collapsed for second day running as the government’s war drums started to get louder.

On Friday the election victory of the extremist coalition of SLFP, JHU and JVP was greeted by an over 8% fall at the exchange.

Further on Monday the appointment of a well known critic of the peace process as Prime Minister prompted the exchange to plummet another 7% to close the day at 2163.41.

Man shot by Sri Lankan Police

An employee of Cholan Vanipam, a Kilnochchi based business network, was shot by Sri Lankan Police said Mr. Sri Selvam officer in charge in Kopay of Jaffna district.
However, reputable sources have claimed that the attack was carried out by the now notorious Sri Lankan Army Military Intelligence. The shooting is thought to be part of an on going campaign to discourage the development of Tamil businesses in the North-East.

Sri Lankan Navy opens fire at civilians

Reliable sources inform us that the Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) opened fire at civilians preparing to celebrate Heroes’ day in Neduntheevu (Delft) off the Jaffna peninsula on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. local time.

The incidence is said to have occurred at the Kumuthini Massacre Victim’s Memorial Hall in Mavalathithurai area where civilians were involved preparatory work for National Heroes’ day on 27 November. SLN is said to have opened fire in the air while the Sri Lanka Police arrested two civilian decorators.

The people of Neduntheevu have brought the incidence to the attention of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission.

Ratnasiri Wickremanayake appointed as new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Buddasasana Minister and Deputy Defense Minister Mr. Ratnasiri Wickremanayake has been appointed the 14th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, by the new President Mahinda Rajapakse. Wickremanayake served as Prime Minister between 1999 and 2001 under the then President Chandrika Kumaratunga. He also served as a minister under the government of Srimavo Bandaranaiyaka during the ‘60s.

Analysts say that the appointment of such a well known SLFP hawk for this important position has come as little surprise. Wickremanayake has been critical of the current peace process, CFA and Norway’s role as facilitator on several occasions. He was also the man responsible for introducing the anti-conversion bill that violates three major UN declarations and covenants.

Analysts fear that this appointment may be early indications of the extremist government’s plans to give absolute preference to Buddhism and tear up the CFA.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Woman’s body found near army check point

The body of a young female has been found within 200 meters from a Sri Lankan Army (SLA) check point along the Point-Pedro - Nagarkovil Road.

Postmortem examination is being carried out at Manthikai Hospital. It is still not known if the female was subjected to sexual abuse.

Dr C Kathiravetpilliai attached to the Hospital said that the woman was strangled around her neck with the ribbon worn to tie her hair.

The area where the incidence occurred is under the full occupation of the SLA, and is restricted to civilian use at day light hours only.

JVP kills Muslim couple in Batticaloa

Unidentified gunmen believed to be members of the JVP (Marxist Sinhalese extremist) are being blamed for the brutal murder of a Muslim couple in their home.

Mr. Meerasaivu Ahammed Lebbe, 44, and his wife Fowziya Lebbaithamby, 43, were murdered at 1:30 a.m. in Miravodai, a Muslim village 28 km northwest of Batticaloa.
Mr. Ahammad Lebbe, is a well known supporter of the United National Party (UNP) in the area. In the recent presidential elections the UNP scored a major victory in the same.
Residents told this website that they had been previously warned by armed Sinhalese Buddhist elements of the consequences of voting for the pro peace Ranil Wickaramasingha.
Four Muslim worshippers were killed and more than 18 devotees were injured Friday morning when gun men believed to be JVP members lobbed grenades into the Akkraipattu Grand Mosque, in Amparai District.