Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sri Lanka Army fabricates ‘grenade attacks’

The entire Jaffna peninsula is being intensely combed by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) which is fabricating incidents of ‘grenade attacks’ to justify its unnecessary intrusion on civilian lives, said local sources.

Residents of the peninsula expressed grave concerns over the lack of respect shown by the SLA towards people’s right to privacy and the Tamil cultural norms.

‘There are at times isolated incidents of grenade attacks carried out by the people’s forces in retaliation to arbitrary violence unleashed by the SLA,’ said a resident of Manipay. ‘Although the SLA knows fore well that the attacker was just one individual who had probably fled far from the scene, they (the SLA) insist on searching every house and every inch of land in the town,’ he added.

Defence analysts say that the overreaction of the SLA, including the use of excessive force against civilians is indeed propelling the cycle of violence in the peninsula.

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