Sunday, December 04, 2005

On this day in 1984

"The Mannar massacre is a case in point. On 4 December 1984, a vehicle carrying an army patrol was blown up by a mine on the road leading through the jungle to the small northern town. One soldier was killed and 11 wounded.

In the carnage that followed, troops poured out of their camps and according to the townspeople, killed more than 100 civilians. One group stopped a bus... and then shot all the ... male passengers... Another twenty died when the same treatment was meted out to a busload of passengers traveling in the opposite direction.

Off the main road, an army jeep drove into the village of Parappankadal. The soldiers fired indiscriminately, killing 12 of people including a mother nursing her infant child. The child survived though three toes were blown away by the bullet that killed its mother."

Michael Hamlyn reporting in the London Times, 18 February 1985

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