Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mothers Front strongly condemns rape and murder of young female in Pungudutheevu

A young female who was visiting a relative’s home in Punudutheevu of Jaffna district on Saturday at around 7p.m was abducted, raped and murdered by the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) which is based on the island.

Jaffna Mothers Front has strongly condemned the incident.

Sexual assaults by Sri Lanka Army, Navy and Police on youth, mothers and even the elderly have continued through the four years of the so called peace process, a strongly worded statement by the mothers said.

They further highlighted the fact that a female by the name of Sarathampal, was subjected to rape and then murdered by the SLN in the same area of Pungudutheevu during war years.

While the whole world seems to be highly concerned about women’s right and women’s welfare, the whole world seems to be turning a blind eye to the suffering the Tamil women have to face at the hands of the occupying forces, the statement added.

Today women across the Tamil Homeland are living in a state of constant fear. They can be sexually assaulted or raped at any time. Many rapes and murders have occurred throughout the North-East. The peace process and the cease fire have changed little. The occupying forces still remain and their horrible crimes continue in the open. Should incident of this nature continue we will refuse to remain silent victims, the statement concluded.

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