Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Karuna Group carders claim responsibility for attack on Muslims

We have reported several times on the rise in tension between Tamil and Tamil Speaking Muslim communities in the Batticaloa-Ampari area.

Today it has been confirmed that the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) sponsored Karuna Group has been responsible for all the attacks on Muslim civilians.

Amaparai district Political Head of the Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Mr. Daya Mohan said that two carders from the Karuna Group had surrendered to the LTTE after senior Karuna Group member Iniyabahrathy was killed earlier today.

The two, Mr. Gnanatheepan and Mr. Puhalventhan, had revealed to the LTTE that the Karuna Group was in fact responsible for all the attacks on Muslim civilians in the past few days. They highlighted that they had received orders from ‘higher up’ to do all that is possible to create tensions between the various Tamil speaking religious communities.

A press conference is scheduled to be conducted soon. Mr. Gnanatheepan and Mr. Puhalventhan are expected to be at the conference.

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