Tuesday, December 20, 2005

High Security Zone Residents’ Liberation Force strikes in Jaffna

The High Security Zone Residents’ Liberation Force (HSZRLF) has claimed responsibility for a knife attack on an occupying Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier in the Ambun area of Jaffna peninsula.

The solider was rushed to Pallali Military hospital, sources said.

The HSZRLF is a people’s force that has emerged during the past few months. The same group claimed responsibility for the two claymore mine attacks on occupying soldiers earlier this month.

HSZRLF has vowed to continue its armed campaign until the last occupying soldier leaves the Tamil Homeland.

32% of the Jaffna peninsula is occupied under the pretext of High Security Zone by the SLA. Over 300 000 people were forcibly removed from their homes from 1989 onwards. After four years of cease fire these people continue to live as internally displaced people on road sides, schools and cattle sheds.

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