Monday, November 28, 2005

War to be a last resort, not the first response

Several warmongers in Southern Sri Lanka are finding it rather difficult to swallow the National Heroes’ Day speech made by the LTTE leader Hon.V.Pirapakaran.

The reason being is that, by electing a President with strong allegiances to the JVP (Marxist Sinhala nationalists) and the JHU (Buddhist extremists) many in Southern Sri Lanka had declared their intent to restart the armed conflict.

In line with his pre-election manifesto Mr. Rajapaksa had let his purpose known in his very first speech to parliament. By refusing to accept the existence of a Tamil homeland on the island of Sri Lanka, wanting to amend the Cease Fire Agreement and insisting on a unitary state solution he had hoped to burry the peace process six feet under.

The Sinhala people as well as the international community know fore well that a unitary state which would be controlled from the center in Colombo by a Sinhala Buddhist is unacceptable to the Tamil people. While the international community including India is promoting a federal solution as the ‘only way’ Rajapaksa insists on a unitary state. By doing so is Rajapaksa trying to tell us something?

Although the LTTE leader states ‘the distance between him (Rajapaksa) and us is vast’ and that the Tamil speaking people ‘have lost patience, hope and reached the brink of utter frustration’ he is still willing to try and find a political solution to the ethnic conflict via peaceful means.

The fact that the leader of a so called ‘terrorist’ organization believes in peace more than the state does, is indeed a hard pill to swallow not only for the warmongers but also for the handful of states that have proscribed the LTTE as a terrorist organization.

The LTTE leader has once again emphasized his organization’s commitment to peace. The fact that he is willing to give a chance to even the most extremist alliance in Sri Lankan political history is further evidence that the LTTE will only return to war as a last resort.  

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