Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sri Lankan government to maintain Emergency Law

The new Sri Lankan government has announced that it is to continue with the Emergency Law imposed by the previous government.

It is well known the emergency provisions are largely used against Tamil youths. In the past the exercise of these laws has led to several cases of innocent Tamil youth being humiliated and tortured. It is feared that the continuation of this law may lead to the same in the feature and further polarize an already divided country.

"Persons at lower level in the security services, who take the law into their own hands, would be at liberty in view of the Emergency to behave arbitrarily, capriciously and they cannot be called into question. As every one knows in this country, it is the Tamil people who will be the sufferers, in particular the tamil people more so in the North and the East but also in all other parts of the country," said Mr. Sampanthan Leader of the TNA.

"Tamil people have been insulted and humiliated in Sri Lanka, which in the fifty years since independence has been ruled more under the emergency than under normal laws and it must be accepted by any fair-minded person. The victims of the emergency have been the Tamil people and no other community has suffered as much as we, the Tamil people have suffered. In fact I would say that the inconvenience or the suffering caused for instance to the majority Sinhala people is minimal and negligible compared to the suffering, the humiliation, the assault on dignity and self-respect that is continuously and perpetually committed against tamil people. We would therefore urge that the emergency must be ended," Sampanthan concluded.

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