Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sri Lankan Army, Police and EPDP attempt to disrupt Heroes’ Day

While Eela Tamils the word over prepare to celebrate National Heroes’ Day on November 27, the Sri Lankan Army (SLA), Police and EPDP (armed gang of Tamil youth working at the pay of SLA) are planning to disrupt the celebrations in Jaffna district which is home to more than 6000 Martyrs.

One such attempt was made on Wednesday night in Manipay. Civilian sources report that EPDP hooligans, along with the SLA and Police were involved in bringing down decorations put up to celebrate Heroes’ day.

Sources also reported that a crowd that gathered in Manipay managed to chase away the EPDP thugs and re-decorate the area to its former state.

Many such acts are expected across the occupied territories of North-East as it gets nearer to November 27.

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