Friday, November 18, 2005

Less than 1% votes in Jaffna

The election results for the Jaffna district are as follows;

Total Registered Votes: 701,398

Total Number Voted: 4,818

Total % Voted: 0.69% (The lowest ever turnout in any electoral district in history).

There are several reasons for this.
  1. Turnout for presidential elections in Jaffna are generally low anyway. 1994 – 3% and 1999 – 16%.
  2. The Tamil National Alliance (elected representatives of the Tamil people) decided to boycott the election.
  3. Tamil people are no longer bothered by Sri Lankan politics, and have come to realize the sad truth that voting in elections will not end their suffering.

Many ask if such a boycott would have taken place in USA or UK. The answer I would say is no. If you took the 700,000 people from Jaffna and placed them in either of those two countries that promote multiculturalism and religious tolerance almost 90% would have voted.


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