Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Government figures highlight suffering of Tsunami affected Tamils

TAFREN the agency set up by the Sri Lankan President to monitor Tsunami reconstruction effort has released its latest figures.

According to TAFREN 49, 233 (including 5,150 in Colombo?) homes were damaged by the Tsunami. Out of this 30, 494 (62%) were in the six districts of the North-East province.

Many of the homes in the Eastern and Southern coasts were made uninhabitable by the disaster. Almost all of the affected people continue to live in temporary shelters.

Eleven months after the disaster only 2, 414 houses have been built. The slow pace of the effort is highly worrying.

Another even more distressing factor is the way politics and ethnic discrimination has crept into what is essentially a humanitarian effort.

The government agency’s own figures shows that out of the 2, 412 homes completed only a mere 256 (10%) are in the six districts of the North-East.

Having suffered 62% of the damage North-East has only received 10% of reconstruction?


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