Saturday, November 19, 2005

“EPDP stopped us from voting” Jaffna civilians.

In a shocking new revelation Jaffna civilians have said that the EPDP (armed gang of Tamil youth working at the pay of the Sri Lankan Army) prevented them from voting in the presidential election.

While many citizens restrained from voting because they had lost faith in Sri Lankan politics (dominated by Sinhalese Buddhists) some who did wish to exercise their franchise were prevented from doing so by EPDP hooligans.

In early November the EPDP leader expressed his support for the extremist alliance of SLFP, JVP and JHU. He also asked the Tamil people to vote for the alliance.

Many EPDP cadres were also involved in campaigning for the extremist alliance in the run up to Election Day. These included nuisance calls to residence in which audio tapes of Mahinda Rajapaksa were plaid.

However, fearing that any Tamil who votes would be vote for the UNP, the EPDP carders turned to violence and intimidation as a last resort to ensure victory for the extremist coalition.

The Jaffna peninsula is under the occupation of Sri Lankan army. EPDP works closely with the Sri Lankan Army and has many offices across the peninsula often within meters of army camps.


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