Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ball is in Rajapaksa’s court

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are waiting on the new Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) to submit a ‘reasonable political framework that will satisfy the political aspirations of the Tamil people’.

The future of the island –war or peace- no longer rests in the hands of the LTTE, or the Tamil speaking people.

It rests squarely in the hands of the Sinhala majority and their elected leader MR. Rajapaksa.

The question now is; will the Sinhala government offer a ‘reasonable political framework’?

Moreover what is ‘reasonable’?

In formulating his reasonable political frame work (if he intends to do so) Mr Rajapaksa may well have to refer to the joint statement made by the Tamil delegation on the concluding day of Phase One of the Thimpu talks on the 13th of July 1985.

“It is our considered view that any meaningful solution to the Tamil national question must be based on the following four cardinal principles:

1. Recognition of the Tamils of Ceylon as a nation
2. Recognition of the existence of an identified homeland for the Tamils in Ceylon
3. Recognition of the right of self determination of the Tamil nation
4. Recognition of the right to citizenship and the fundamental rights of all Tamils in Ceylon

Different countries have fashioned different systems of governments to ensure these principles. In view of our earnest desire for peace, we are prepared to give consideration to any set of proposals, in keeping with the above mentioned principles, that the Sri Lankan Government may place before us.” stated the Thimpu declaration.